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Dear Friend,

Want to learn to make money from home and build your online business by helping newbies?...

But, you don't have any product to offer them - that is specifically created for them?

Frustrated with steep learning curves when it comes to creating your own impressive, sales generating, product?

And, you don't have the deep pockets to hire an experienced consultant/marketer to create this perfect product for you?

Your problem is solved!

Because, starting today, you can learn everything you need to know to make money from home, and make money online... all on a budget!

The beauty and unusual nature of this high quality, video product is that it can be used for two objectives - and you can benefit 
from either one! You can use it to enhance the various, basic, but essential IM skills it teaches so easily and other words, for your own marketing self-improvement; in most cases, regardless of whether you're just starting your IM journey, or even if you're more seasoned. Personally, just by watching these short videos, I have learned a fair share of time-saving short cuts and new, better, approaches to marketing skills that I thought I had mastered some time ago. As the saying goes, you're never to old to learn...

As for the second way that you can benefit from this exceptional video material, and although not the most obvious use of the course, this is my favorite: you can market this course to the legions upon legions of newbies entering the Internet Marketing arena on a daily, if not hourly, basis! Yes, it's perfectly suited to helping you make money online!


Just So You Know...

Your current circumstances, station in life, and where you see yourself in the world of online marketing right now, is of little relevance... as far as, where you're heading to next, is concerned.

You've heard success stories of people generating income beyond their wildest imagination.

From stories of a single mother making 5 figures a month, to the college dropout building a multi-million dollar business right out of his parents' basement.

These are cool, and sometimes, heartwarming stories.

But, when you try it out yourself, you start to notice these stories leave out a lot of details.

And I do mean, A LOT.

That's when you realize that building your online business isn't as easy as you've been led to believe.

And, among some of the most frustrating things that annoy most beginners are the technical details.

Things like:

  • "How do I set up my web hosting account?"

  • "How do I get a domain name?"   

  • "How do I add my Buy Now button?"  

  • "How do I make my web pages more search engine friendly?"  

  • "How do I set up my first auto-responder series and email my subscribers?"  

The gurus sure make it look EASY.

Well here's the good news: I've come up with a series of video tutorials to SHOW you how to overcome your technical challenges. Unlike most step-by-step books and guides currently available, I've got these done for you in video format, so you can easily follow along on-screen...

... And, because they're in easy-to-follow video style, all you'll need to do is imitate! Learning these confusing, but essential, processes now finally becomes fun, for a change

This is as easy as it gets.

Think of this as the paint-by-numbers quick guide for online business owners like yourself. It's also a great product to offer the newbies, as I've already suggested. If you follow my advice and use this as your very own, made-to-order, video course to market to this segment that is desperate and thirsty for this kind of help, you're positioning yourself for some very nice work-from-home income. 

The course comes with Master Resell Rights, so there's no stopping you from turning it into your own cash producing machine.

Once again, this simple course can be utilized for your own IM enrichment and improvement - and, left as such. But, to all those of you with an entrepreneurial spirit, who can smell the profit potential here, this video course is a perfect way to  break into the IM arena  with an already done, professional, desirable product, utilizing the magic of video. Everywhere we look on the Internet, we can't help but see the popularity of video, rising like a gigantic tidal wave that has no beginning or end, growing undetterred. Videos are entertaning, captivating, interesting, controversial, and, in this case, educational! Whatever the case, when well done, they get attention, and, if they aim for it, lots more sales!

These simple videos are professionally scripted, recorded impeccably, and narrated skillfully. In other words, they weren't recorded in the back of a 1976 Ford pick up truck with bad springs and shock absorbers, driven by an alcoholic cow poke, while it bounced up and down on a back trail in Wyoming - the state where human beings are hard to find.

They were done in a studio setting, using professional voice over talent, reading well written scripts; short and to the point, but very high quality. Grandma would be proud of you for marketing these to newbies...and profiting from your efforts.


Introducing IM How To Videos

The Full List Of What You Will Learn:

Aweber: How to create a list

Aweber: How to schedule follow-up emails

Aweber: How to create a broadcast

Aweber: Automation rules

Aweber: How to create a signup form

Getresponse: How to create a list

Getresponse: How to schedule follow-up emails

Getresponse: How to create a broadcast

Getresponse: Automation rules

Getresponse: How to create a signup form

WordPress: How to install WordPress

WordPress: How to configure WordPress

WordPress: How to find and install plugins

PayPal: How to create your PayPal buy button

JVZoo: How to add your Products

JVZoo: How to set up your sales funnel

JVZoo: How to create a buy button

WarriorPlus: How to add your Products

WarriorPlus: How to set up your sales funnel

WarriorPlus: How to create a buy button

Clickbank: How to submit your product

Clickbank: How to get your buy button

GoDaddy: How to set your DNS

GoDaddy: How to create a forwarding URL

NameCheap: How to set your DNS

NameCheap: How to create a forwarding URL

FileZilla: How to log into a hosting account

FileZilla: How to upload and delete files

SEO: On-site Optimization

SEO: Off-site Optimization

So Who Is This For Exactly?

Online Business Newbies - regardless of which expert or 'guru' you subscribe to, the truth is you NEED to know at least some basic, technical aspects of your own operation. I show you how to put your online venture together, and each tutorial is no more than a few minutes long; no long, drawn out, drowsiness inducing, unnecessary babbling.

Would-Be Internet Marketers - It is said, and having gone through this saw mill myself when I began, I can attest to its authenticity, one of the most difficult choices a brand new Internet Marketer faces is, selecting the right product to use as their launch pad; selecting a product that already has wide appeal, like this one because it's in easy to digest, and hugely popular, video format, places you way ahead of the competition. They're still caught in the rat maze, leading nowhere, that still touts that marketing 'old school' ebooks is the way to start your online marketing career. They know that video sells more, and is the wave on the future on the internet, but are scared off from pursuing this avenue because they feel, and rightly so, that producing your own product, based entirely on video, is harder than building a rocket in their backyard. But, as you can see, having such a product doesn't mean that you have to do all the technical, and creative, work yourself. But, you don't have to do anything. It's already done for you here.

Freelancers In The Making - If you are a virtual assistant or want to work freelance for other clients, here's how you can quickly gain these valuable skills and offer your services -  for either a one-time, or a monthly fee. Although simple on the surface, technical skills like these are something you cannot simply acquire from a traditional school or college.

Got Technical Challenges? Sometimes, it is unwise to hire an expensive coach or mentor to show you the technical steps when you can pick them up on your own in minutes (and spend quality time with your mentor to learn the BIGGER picture of how to grow your online business - the real reason why you pay them those big fees).

Want To Get Some Things Done On Your Own Quickly? It makes little sense to hire someone time and again, forking over payments over and over, for simple tasks that you can accomplish on your own almost immediately. Plus, by learning these tasks,  you'll be safeguarding critical information related to your own business operation as it grows bigger.

You're A Business Owner And You Want To Train Your Team As a leader, your time is valuable. These videos can substitute for you in training your employees, interns or virtual assistants... while you concentrate on the actual marketing!

No more guesswork. No more 'figuring it out'.

Your purchase is absolutely guaranteed for a period of thirty days from today! If, for any reason, you feel that this product has disappointed you, or if you feel that my description of it has not measured up to your expectations, all you need to do is ask for a, no questions asked, prompt refund. You have a full 30 days to decide. The risk is all mine! Place your order with confidence below.

Your frustration with technical details ENDS TODAY. Skip all the trial and error right now by clicking on the order button below. Remember, the course comes with Master Resell Rights, including a professional Sales Page, graphics, and a ready-to-go Sales Video, so you can immediately turn it into your own, turbo-charged, 3-legged coffee table, cash delivery pipeline!



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